EXPMOVING Belgium offers you its services of renting of LIFT rising furnished with technician.

Do you need to rent a LIFT to mount a piece of furniture by the window? Furniture of offices, sofas, piano, American fridge, library, living room, wardrobe, convenient, bed, table, etc…?

Or to make your move in full (Please check our moving section)?

IF you wish to make your move on your own, either… but a move is often delicate, experiencing morally but also physically. By it with a LIFT, you will save time and spare your furniture, walls in the stairs but also your back! And you’ll avoid the long days of moving to no end.

We offer the formula of hiring a LIFT with a man, for an hour, half a day, or for a whole day… We are at your disposal to serve you at any time: LIFT from the 1st to the 19th floor of our team of specialists is available and effective in every situation. And all this in a good mood.

It is by the ‘word of mouth’, that the majority of our customers recommend us to their relationships, and keep our address for all other interventions.

Individuals or professionals send us your project.

We’re here to talk about!

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